On behalf of the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) of the Office of Justice Programs (OJP), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Justice & Security Strategies (JSS), we thank everyone for participating and completing the application for the new micro-grant program that funds the implementation or expansion of body-worn camera (BWC) programs for small, rural, and tribal law enforcement agencies (SRT). 

Congratulations to the agencies below who have been selected for funding.*

Agency NameStateType Of DepartmentRequested BWCTotal Award Amount
Adrian Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency33$66,000.00
Amherst County Sheriff's Office VACounty Sheriff's Department40$37,000.00
Arkansas Tech University Department of Public Safety ARUniversity/College Police Department12$24,000.00
Athens Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency28$56,000.00
Auburn Police INMunicipal Police Agency26$13,962.00
Barberton Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency19$38,000.00
Baxley Police Department GAMunicipal Police Agency14$20,937.50
Beatrice Police Dept NEMunicipal Police Agency12$5,000.00
Belle Isle Police Department FLMunicipal Police Agency23$7,200.00
Beulah Police Department NDMunicipal Police Agency5$3,750.00
Big Rapids Dept of Public Safety MIMunicipal Police Agency18$11,238.00
Bixby Police Department OKMunicipal Police Agency36$9,450.00
Blaine County Sheriff's Office MTCounty Sheriff's Department6$3,045.00
Blaine Police Department WAMunicipal Police Agency14$27,850.00
Blair Police Dept NEMunicipal Police Agency4$1,200.00
Bloomfield Police Department NMMunicipal Police Agency10$8,003.50
Bourbon County Sheriff's Office KSCounty Sheriff's Department19$10,065.00
Box Elder Police Department SDMunicipal Police Agency24$48,000.00
Bridgeville Borough Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency12$12,000.00
Brooklyn Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency50$100,000.00
Brownstown Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency20$40,000.00
Bryant Police Department ARMunicipal Police Agency15$11,000.00
Buckingham County Sheriff's Office VACounty Sheriff's Department20$27,415.00
Calera Police Department OKMunicipal Police Agency11$10,928.50
Campton Police Department NHMunicipal Police Agency7$14,000.00
Carbon County Sheriff's Office WYCounty Sheriff's Department20$40,000.00
Carlisle Police Department MAMunicipal Police Agency15$19,134.00
Cascade County Sheriff's Office MTCounty Sheriff's Department50$100,000.00
Cayuga County Sheriff's Office NYCounty Police Agency33$66,000.00
Cazenovia Village Police Department NYMunicipal Police Agency11$11,000.00
Cedartown Police Department GAMunicipal Police Agency11$6,612.50
Central Bucks Regional Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency20$14,747.50
Central State University Police Department OHUniversity/College Police Department16$24,113.00
Chardon Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency12$15,000.00
Cheboygan Dept of Public Safety MIMunicipal Police Agency12$3,600.00
Cherokee County Sheriff's Office NCCounty Sheriff's Department14$12,571.00
Chester Town Police Department NYMunicipal Police Agency20$21,466.00
Chevy Chase Police Department MDMunicipal Police Agency11$20,404.28
Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office COCounty Sheriff's Department44$86,146.00
Clearwater County Sheriff's Office IDCounty Sheriff's Department3$1,492.50
Clinton Police Department TNMunicipal Police Agency20$10,426.50
Cloquet Police Department MNMunicipal Police Agency24$38,209.01
Cohoes Police Department NYMunicipal Police Agency16$15,500.00
Cold Spring Police Department MNMunicipal Police Agency13$24,887.00
Coldwater Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency8$4,927.00
Columbia Borough Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency23$39,891.50
Columbia County Sheriff's Office WICounty Sheriff's Department50$100,000.00
Columbiana Police Department ALMunicipal Police Agency13$3,556.00
Comanche Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency8$2,824.50
Cook County Sheriff's Office GACounty Sheriff's Department50$54,250.00
Craighead County Sheriff's Office ARCounty Sheriff's Department36$36,000.00
Crawford County Sheriff's Office WICounty Sheriff's Department30$16,581.50
Crawford County Sheriff's Office MICounty Sheriff's Department8$4,000.00
Crossville Police Department TNMunicipal Police Agency43$43,000.00
Dalton Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency10$4,423.00
Dayton Police Department TNMunicipal Police Agency18$36,000.00
Decatur Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency30$13,342.50
Delta College Department of Public Safety MIUniversity/College Police Department5$7,645.00
Demorest Police Department GAMunicipal Police Agency9$6,750.00
Dewitt Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency6$12,000.00
Diboll Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency8$9,327.50
Dorchester County Sheriff's Office MDCounty Sheriff's Department43$86,000.00
Dunn Police Department NCMunicipal Police Agency10$6,338.00
Dyer County Sheriff's Office TNCounty Sheriff's Department40$41,000.00
Elizabethton Police Department TNMunicipal Police Agency31$22,490.00
Elkins Police Department WVMunicipal Police Agency17$30,000.00
Emmett Township Dept of Public Safety MIMunicipal Police Agency20$40,000.00
Everson Police Department WAMunicipal Police Agency6$12,000.00
Fairview Park Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency26$35,058.50
Fircrest Police Department WAMunicipal Police Agency9$18,000.00
Flint Township Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency40$21,209.50
Forest Park Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency30$60,000.00
Fortville Police INMunicipal Police Agency20$5,860.00
Franklin County Sheriff's Office GACounty Sheriff's Department34$20,981.10
Franklin Township Police NJMunicipal Police Agency36$36,000.00
Fraser Dept of Public Safety MIMunicipal Police Agency25$50,000.00
Frederick County Sheriff's Office MDCounty Sheriff's Department246$380,547.00
Gerrish Township Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency7$14,000.00
Gila County Sheriff's Office AZCounty Sheriff's Department51$102,000.00
Gilford Police Department NHMunicipal Police Agency25$50,000.00
Glenwood Springs Police Department COMunicipal Police Agency25$12,500.00
Governors State University Police Department ILUniversity/College Police Department15$8,500.00
Grafton Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency22$44,000.00
Grundy County Sheriff's Office ILCounty Sheriff's Department37$74,000.00
Guam Police Department GUU.S. Territory Police Department50$100,000.00
Gunnison Police Department COMunicipal Police Agency16$21,861.00
Guthrie Police Department OKMunicipal Police Agency26$52,000.00
Hales Corners Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency8$5,120.00
Hampden Police Department MEMunicipal Police Agency13$9,052.50
Harrison Police Department ARMunicipal Police Agency28$50,355.70
Harrisville Police Department UTMunicipal Police Agency12$17,454.00
Haughton Police Department LAMunicipal Police Agency11$19,250.00
Hermantown Police Department MNMunicipal Police Agency16$32,000.00
Hillsboro Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency3$2,750.00
Hillsville Police Department VAMunicipal Police Agency16$10,503.80
Hollis Police Department NHMunicipal Police Agency17$34,000.00
Hopewell Township Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency15$9,293.00
Hot Spring County Sheriff's Office ARCounty Sheriff's Department21$7,000.00
Indian Harbour Beach Police Departmen FLMunicipal Police Agency21$39,800.00
Indian River Shores Public Safety Dept FLMunicipal Police Agency25$10,000.00
Irwin County Sheriff's Office GACounty Sheriff's Department15$30,000.00
Jasper Police Department ALMunicipal Police Agency48$31,420.00
Kaufman Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency12$22,325.00
Keene Police Department NHMunicipal Police Agency50$100,000.00
Kennett Square Borough Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency15$21,829.30
Kent Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency40$80,000.00
Kewaskum Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency4$8,000.00
Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office INCounty Police Agency12$3,900.00
Kronenwetter Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency10$5,525.00
La Joya Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency15$30,000.00
La Junta Police Department COMunicipal Police Agency7$4,245.00
Lafayette City Marshal's Office LAMunicipal Police Agency21$34,315.00
Lafayette County Sheriff's Office FLCounty Sheriff's Department10$20,000.00
Lake Geneva Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency26$52,000.00
Lincoln Police Department NHMunicipal Police Agency13$20,158.50
Lincolnwood Police Dept ILMunicipal Police Agency33$63,000.00
Little Falls Police Department MNMunicipal Police Agency14$28,000.00
Lockland Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency14$14,000.00
Logan County Sheriff's Office OHCounty Sheriff's Department23$11,270.00
Ludington Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency12$24,000.00
Madison County Sheriff's Office NYCounty Sheriff's Department41$30,750.00
Major County Sheriff's Office OKCounty Sheriff's Department10$10,694.50
Mandan Police Department NDMunicipal Police Agency30$36,918.00
Maple Heights Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency10$2,773.00
Marquette Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency6$1,547.00
Maywood Police Department ILMunicipal Police Agency50$15,455.00
McCall Police Department IDMunicipal Police Agency12$22,094.00
McCook Police Dept NEMunicipal Police Agency16$16,000.00
Meadows Place Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency3$1,125.00
Medina Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency42$44,671.00
Miami Shores Police Department FLMunicipal Police Agency45$90,000.00
Middletown Police Department DEMunicipal Police Agency6$3,759.00
Mineral County Sheriff's Office WVCounty Sheriff's Department7$3,971.50
Mobridge Police Department SDMunicipal Police Agency8$9,722.00
Monroe County Sheriff's Dept ALCounty Sheriff's Department18$26,000.00
Monroe Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency10$11,787.00
Monroe Police Department IAMunicipal Police Agency4$1,980.00
Monroe Village Police Department NYMunicipal Police Agency20$10,109.00
Montgomery Police Dept ILMunicipal Police Agency35$50,000.00
Morehead Police Department KYMunicipal Police Agency23$25,000.00
Morongo Band of Mission Indians CATribal Law Enforcement Agency (Federally recognized)20$9,232.00
Mountain View Police Department MOMunicipal Police Agency4$1,462.00
Mukilteo Police Department WAMunicipal Police Agency30$60,000.00
Murray Police Department KYMunicipal Police Agency40$80,000.00
Muskogee Police Department OKMunicipal Police Agency10$10,180.00
Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office TXCounty Sheriff's Department20$11,765.00
Nashwauk Police Department MNMunicipal Police Agency4$4,266.00
Nephi Police Department UTMunicipal Police Agency6$3,000.00
Newburyport Police Department MAMunicipal Police Agency29$54,550.00
Niskayuna Town Police Department NYMunicipal Police Agency30$33,420.00
North Bay Village Police Department FLMunicipal Police Agency20$40,000.00
North Shore Community College MAUniversity/College Police Department22$35,988.00
Northwest Missouri State University MOUniversity/College Police Department12$7,373.11
Oak Forest Police Dept ILMunicipal Police Agency45$66,925.00
Oakland Police Department NJMunicipal Police Agency20$15,000.00
Oneida Police Department NYMunicipal Police Agency25$38,785.00
Oneonta Police Department ALMunicipal Police Agency20$30,000.00
Oregon City Police Department ORMunicipal Police Agency38$76,000.00
Owosso Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency18$35,982.53
Paris Police Department MEMunicipal Police Agency10$6,127.25
Paris Police Department TNMunicipal Police Agency27$8,750.00
Parker Police Department AZMunicipal Police Agency1$1,200.00
Parlier Police Department CAMunicipal Police Agency20$40,000.00
Parsons Police Department KSMunicipal Police Agency2$4,000.00
Pauma Tribal Police Department CATribal Law Enforcement Agency (Federally recognized)16$5,750.00
Pell City Police Department ALMunicipal Police Agency30$60,000.00
Penn Township Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency21$41,379.00
PIttsboro Police Department INMunicipal Police Agency4$925.00
Port Isabel Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency12$14,460.00
Pottstown Borough Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency50$47,489.00
Poulsbo Police Department WAMunicipal Police Agency19$18,126.00
Preston Police Department IDMunicipal Police Agency10$5,950.00
Purcellville Police Department VAMunicipal Police Agency20$40,000.00
Raymondville Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency10$3,000.00
Raynham Police Department MAMunicipal Police Agency35$60,615.00
Red Bank Police Department TNMunicipal Police Agency20$40,000.00
Reedley Police Department CAMunicipal Police Agency20$40,000.00
Refugio Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency8$5,200.00
Rio Grande Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency15$9,675.00
Rockford Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency8$11,820.00
Rogers County Sheriff's Office OKCounty Sheriff's Department36$59,585.00
Roma Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency26$26,000.00
Rosendale Town Police Department NYMunicipal Police Agency6$2,835.00
Roxana Police Dept ILMunicipal Police Agency3$4,267.27
Rumford Police Department MEMunicipal Police Agency14$10,723.50
Russells Point Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency4$8,000.00
Saco Police Department MEMunicipal Police Agency20$32,500.00
Sauk Prairie Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency15$15,658.00
Sawyer County Sheriff's Office WICounty Sheriff's Department32$64,000.00
Schenectady County Sheriff's Office NYCounty Sheriff's Department23$46,000.00
Sedalia Police Dept MOMunicipal Police Agency8$6,098.00
Seekonk Police Department MAMunicipal Police Agency48$96,000.00
Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office OKCounty Sheriff's Department20$5,250.00
Shelby Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency14$28,000.00
Shelbyville Police Department KYMunicipal Police Agency16$16,095.00
Shelton Police Department WAMunicipal Police Agency25$50,000.00
Sheridan County Sheriff's Office MTCounty Sheriff's Department4$2,569.90
Slinger Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency13$9,661.00
Somerset Police Department KYMunicipal Police Agency36$72,000.00
Somersworth Police Department NHMunicipal Police Agency31$27,160.00
Somerville Police Department TNMunicipal Police Agency14$4,938.50
South Bound Brook Police Department NJMunicipal Police Agency14$28,000.00
South Park Township Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency15$30,000.00
Spencer Police Department WIMunicipal Police Agency6$6,000.00
St. John Police INMunicipal Police Agency25$35,510.00
St. Joseph Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency21$40,000.00
Stafford Police Department CTMunicipal Police Agency9$18,000.00
Stanley Police Department NCMunicipal Police Agency10$15,000.00
Stephens County Sheriff's Office OKCounty Sheriff's Department25$15,670.00
Stephens County Sheriff's Office GACounty Sheriff's Department40$12,377.50
Stevens County Sheriff's Office WACounty Sheriff's Department35$64,202.50
Stratham Police Department NHMunicipal Police Agency14$14,000.00
Sugar Grove Police Dept ILMunicipal Police Agency22$22,000.00
Summit County Sheriff's Office COCounty Sheriff's Department15$14,835.00
Sunset Valley Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency10$10,700.00
Tawas City Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency3$2,301.00
Tea Police Department SDMunicipal Police Agency14$9,522.50
Tomball Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency40$80,000.00
Treutlen County Sheriff's Office GACounty Sheriff's Department17$8,925.00
Trophy Club Police Department TXMunicipal Police Agency21$21,525.00
Truman State University Police Department MOUniversity/College Police Department12$18,060.00
Tualatin Police Department ORMunicipal Police Agency41$82,000.00
Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office OHCounty Sheriff's Department60$72,820.00
Uniontown Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency20$20,000.00
University Heights Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency28$2,000.00
Valley County Sheriff's Office IDCounty Sheriff's Department30$49,500.00
Valley County Sheriff's Office NECounty Sheriff's Department5$3,350.00
Valley County Sheriff's Office MTCounty Sheriff's Department9$12,242.70
Vilas County Sheriff's Office WICounty Sheriff's Department41$60,812.00
Village of Spring Grove Police Department ILMunicipal Police Agency10$4,000.00
Wahoo Police Dept NEMunicipal Police Agency8$9,200.00
Wakefield Police Department NHMunicipal Police Agency12$24,000.00
Wakefield Police Department MAMunicipal Police Agency50$100,000.00
Walla Walla Police Department WAMunicipal Police Agency45$90,000.00
Warminster Township Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency40$25,000.00
Warren County Sheriff's Office KYCounty Sheriff's Department45$90,000.00
Washington Township Police NJMunicipal Police Agency22$26,848.00
Wauchula Police Department FLMunicipal Police Agency13$26,000.00
Waycross Police Department GAMunicipal Police Agency15$14,925.00
Wayne County Sheriff's Office INCounty Sheriff's Department43$43,000.00
Weirton Police Department WVMunicipal Police Agency38$17,402.50
Weleetka Police Department OKMunicipal Police Agency6$1,050.00
Wellfleet Police Department MAMunicipal Police Agency16$24,000.00
Wellsville Police Department KSMunicipal Police Agency6$3,000.00
West Carrollton Police Department OHMunicipal Police Agency20$40,000.00
West Point Police Department MSMunicipal Police Agency36$72,000.00
West Whiteland Township Police Department PAMunicipal Police Agency12$15,000.00
Westminster Police Department MAMunicipal Police Agency20$33,960.00
Westmont Police Department ILMunicipal Police Agency41$82,000.00
Williams Police Department AZMunicipal Police Agency12$3,000.00
Windsor Heights Police Department IAMunicipal Police Agency9$8,635.23
Windsor Police Department COMunicipal Police Agency49$98,000.00
Winslow Police Department MEMunicipal Police Agency12$8,000.00
Wood County Sheriff's Office WVCounty Sheriff's Department25$17,510.00
Worth Police Department ILMunicipal Police Agency25$25,000.00
Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal Police Department AZTribal Law Enforcement Agency (Federally recognized)8$4,576.00
Ypsilanti Police Department MIMunicipal Police Agency35$15,108.00
Yukon Police Department OKMunicipal Police Agency50$100,000.00

Click here to see the locations of the SRT BWC micro-grantees!

*These agencies have been selected for funding pending the completion of a few more administrative questions, forms, and other necessary documents.